A visit to ROM

On June 6, I went into the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) to see a presentation about the creation of the Terracotta warriors exhibit that is opening June 26th.  So far they have identified more than 80 artists who made the warriors.  I thought this would be a repeat of the exhibit we saw in London a few years ago but it turns out that its a made for Canada exhibit.  I'm looking forward to heading in later this summer to see it.
After the lecture I spent some time wandering through an exhibit about Canada.
There were tools and molds used by the Indians and the pioneers to make maple syrup. In the first picture, there is a bucket for collecting the sap, then two molds -- a house and a prayer book. The second picture shows several molds. The third picture shows a skimmer used to clean the foam and debris from the surface of the sap as it boiled.
Maple Sap bucket and Sugar MoldsMaple Sugar Molds 2Maple Sap Skinner
Another section showed powder horns from the 1800's. This one is from Quebec.
Powder Horn Powder Horn Detail
In the middle of the exhibit was a group of quilts. This exhibit is African Canadian Quilts From Southern Ontario. The quilts ranged from 1848 to 1976. The first quilt that caught my eye was the Juladoo quilt. It was made in 1884. Juladoo is an abbreviation of the makers name.
JULADOO QuiltJuladoo Quilt Detail
The other quilt that really caught my eye was this nine patch quilt from 1848.
Nine Patch Quilt - 1848Nine Patch Quilt - 1848 Detail


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