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July Goal

Well, not much quilting again.  I've gotten as far as ironing the community outreach quilt and sorting the colours into an order.  I've measured to see how long the first strip needs to be.  The sewing area is a mess again and I haven't spent much time there.  This month though I have a very tiny goal.  Each July, there is a quilt show at Black Creek Pioneer Village called Quilts at the Creek .  This year, for the first time, I've entered a quilt.  Its my Rainbow 365 quilt made using Kathryn Kerr's 365 Challenge.  It needs a sleeve and the show label stitched to the back.  That has to be done before I can drop it off for the show. I also want to tidy up the sewing area so I'll be more inclined to go do some stitching.  The big think is to get this quilt ready for the show though.  Linking up with Patty's One Monthly Goal