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March One Monthly Goal

The goal was to atleast complete the top which I did do by mid month.  I ended up with a quiet weekend and made wonderful progress then completing the top.  It now looks like this The strips for binding are cut and ready to be stitched together and pressed.  I haven't purchased the backing yet so it is still waiting to be quilted.  I did a search for gravity quilts and most of the ones I found are very densely custom quilted which I don't think I want to do.  I see hearts in all the shapes and am considering something heart related.  I don't think I want to do a pantograph for this one.  I think this is the only sewing I've done this month.  I got a new computer and have spent a bunch of time getting it setup, tidying some photos, learning a bit more about photoshop and some time colouring a calendar which has been fun.  March is almost over and the March page is 2/3 done.  Linking up with Patty's One Monthly Goal

Gravity quilt

I finished the centre blocks last weekend and even remade some of the ones I had made originally as I didn't like them in the setting. I had misunderstood what was going on with the outer ring. After staring at the blocks for a bit I decided they would bug me and they need to be redone. Fortunately they are fairly easy to do. This week I've been working on cutting out the background so I can start stitching those blocks. Tonight I finished that and laid the first three background blocks out for stitching this weekend. The yellow flower pins have letters written on them to remind me which fabric is which. For the most part it's easy enough to tell but the darkest two are very close in colour. I'm looking forward to being able to assemble the top. As I look at it on the wall I see six hearts and am thing some heart shaped quilting in those sections would be good.

February Review and March Goal

The note book and task master list that Elaine described here and here is working well.  I haven't been colour coding my lists but I may try that for a bit and see how I like it. In February I finished the binding and labeling of the tulip blocks.  These were made in our Swap a Block group in the late 90's I think.  It was the perfect piece to try quilting from the front on the long arm. Before quilting the little top, I had played for a bit with some flannel, batting, insulbrite and fabric.   These got turned into thermos covers for hiking.   Two tall ones for Tea (in cold weather) or Lemonade (In warm weather)   I had meant to make the tops a bit differently on these ones than on the original one I made last year but forgot.   There’s enough room though to wiggle a finger in between the Velcro so it will work. In February I went to the guild retreat over Family Day weekend.   It was Friday to Sunday so I took a vacation day and drove over af