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Sit 'n Sew Results

I went to Elaine's Pampered Sit 'n Sew yesterday as part of this weeks vacation activity.  It was a productive day and led to a productive Thursday and Saturday. Thursday I cut out the house for the $10 quilt assignment this month and did some of the assembly -- ended up with all the little sections done and ready to start building the house Friday at Elaine's.  By lunch on Friday, the house was done and the next $10 quilt class isn't until October 20th.  Something wrong with that but atleast I won't have to be up late on the 19th. Next I took the half square triangles I needed to make from this 2007 $10 quilt. 124 are needed for one of 2.5 the borders on this quilt.  (The third border only goes on two sides -- I still may change that). This week I got busy and cut the rest of the squares then marked them and paired them up one evening.  They got sewn, cut and Elaine pressed them.  THANKS!  Watched three episodes of History of Scotland last night and th

Upper Canada Village

After Fort Henry, we headed over to Morrisburg to visit Upper Canada Village.  I remember visiting the village one year during a family camping trip and I think I was there once since then.  The mills were all running but in the 19th century they wouldn't have all run at the same time.  The saw mill would work in the spring cutting up lumber for the coming building season.  About the time the cutting was done it was time for shearing and the woolen mill would take over.  Then in the fall when the wheat was harvested, the flour mill would start up.  By each using their own particular time, they could share the mill pond. In the saw mill, these pieces where save up on a rafter.  I saw two owls.  The gentleman said ET is in there too. Bags of flour waiting to go to the bakery or the store. The mill stones came from Europe in pieces as ballast.  Once re-assembled, the miller had to make all the grove lines and little notches to help mill the wheat Watching out in ca

A use for Copyright Dates -- Weaver Fever Finished

A long time ago, as all good stories begin, I took a Friday night class out at Hobby Horse taught by Elaine.   During the evening I got all the strip sets completed and may have started a block.  Or maybe the first block was early the next morning so I could bring it to a $10 quilt class.  In 2008, according to some old emails, I finished assembling the top but didn't remember when I started it.  This weekend I finished quilting the quilt and its bound, labelled and has a sleeve but I still didn't know the starting date. The focus fabric has a copyright date in the selvedge  which tells me that the class had to be somewhere between 2002 and 2008.  Mom did $10 quilt classes with me from 2004 on so it had to be between 2002 and 2004.  I woke up during the night and remembered backup email files on the old computer so this morning I fired up the old computer, loaded the old emails and calendar and it appears the class was Oct 2003 which lines up with my memory of events. 

$10 Quilt working ahead

I was enjoying getting the blocks done in July and started in on the corners. They got interrupted by my vacation but today I got back to them and have them finished. The missing house block pattern is copied onto newsprint and filed away.