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$10 Quilt Options

I have three possibilities for the borders for the $10 quilt. The first option combines the fabric I was looking at before on the inside with a wood grain on the outside. The second option is to just use the wood grain fabric The last option is to use this bright strip -- I'd cut it vertically and mitre the corners so the strips go around the quilt. I don't think I like the piano key effect of cutting horizontal pieces to go around. First I need to make the final fence row though so a bit of time to think

Ready for the October $10 quilt class next week

So the blocks for October are all made. I unstitched a few seams and re-arranged a bit. This is pretty close to the final arrangement. I should have the centre part stitched for next week. In November, we'll make the last border at the bottom and put tops together for the reveal at the end of the month. I came back downstairs after dinner and stitched the remaining seams. I'm looking for the border fabrics. This is the completed centre pinned on one possibility.

Out and About with Camden's Birdie

Mom and I took Birdie out to the waterfront today. The carousel and small train were still running so we went for a ride... After lunch, Birdie played in the leaf pile. Mom is fixing the other photos up in Birdie's scrapbook and getting it ready to send off to Scott & Brandy.

Happy Thanksgiving

It was a beautiful warm fall day yesterday so we had our Thanksgiving dinner out on the new deck. Dad carved in the kitchen then we took our plates outside and sat on the new deck and enjoyed dinner Dessert was one of the apple pies the youth group at church had made -- very yummy.