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10 years ago, we made baskets in a swap. Elaine blogged about hers recently and had photos of some of the others. Mine are still individual blocks.  One block is significantly larger than the others and 3 are very heavy.   I pulled them out of the stack and put them up over the guild BOM Need to figure out how to put this together and finish it off. The Guild BOM needs a rest -- the dove in the window block is not going together well. I'm not sure if ripping, pressing and hand-stitching is the answer or if it needs to be re-cut before I sew it again.

$10 Quilt - 2011

After finishing the first month's work weeks in advance, this month's work got done today (Sunday).   Class is next Saturday.  Fortunately it was 5 very easy blocks.  The piecing was all done still listening to A History of the World in 100 Objects.  Object 77 is the Benin Masks from Nigeria that were in the Lost Countries of Africa program that we watched on TVO last week end. 

PSE9 Part 2 - Lesson 1

Back to elements 9 classes at LVS   This class is about selections.  I used these two photos from the Butterfly conservatory near Guelph.  They are both of Owl  Blue Morpho Butterflies which have the most beautiful blue on the inside of their wings but its very difficult to see when they land as they immediately fold their wings together.  The nursery at this conservatory didn't have glass so I was able to get a reasonably clear photo of a newly hatched Blue Morpho Butterfly on the nursery floor with its wings open. First was to select the butterfly resting using the Magic Extractor. It took a little to clean up the edges Next was to make a snapshot composite  I decided the first selection should be added to this exercise using the copy and paste instructions and then redoing the steps to add a second snapshot In doing the initial selection in the lesson with the brush and the rose photo I ended up with a number of pink lines showing through after doing the coloriz