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April Goal: One is done

My goal for April was to get atleast one of the tops completed for Community Outreach at Guild.  I have one top ready to take to guild in May.  The second is now pressed and I'll start working on it shortly.  Linking up with Patty's One Monthly Goal

April goal

I really pleased with how common bride is going but my poor finger needs a rest -- either that or I need to find the liquid bandage or learn to applique with a thimble on my middle finger.  So this month, I'm going to focus on the two community outreach quilts I have at home for my guild.  The first is a package of 6 inch squares.  This can be as simple as alternate print and solid or something fancier.  I need to count how many solid squares there are and double check the guidelines for sizes that they want the tops to be.  This kit has been languishing on the table for several months and really needs to get turned into a top and taken back to the guild. The second is a kit that Patti Carey from Northcott donated to the outreach quilts when she was a guest speaker the other month. (It was a really interesting lecture about printing fabrics.)  The strips are precut and the centre is ready for me to insert the strips.  I need to sit down, read the instructions and get the