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March $10 Quilt

The blocks for the April class are all done now. The first picture is all the blocks made to date. They aren't in their proper order yet -- not enough done for that.... Block 41 Arkansas Crossroads Block 30 Dutchman's Puzzle Block 8 Pieced Star Block 14 Jacob's Ladder Block 46 Odd Fellow's Chain

Storm Aftermath and February $10 Quilt

Thursday night, the snow storm turned to rain and winds. The tree in the front yard lost a lot of twigs and small branches.... Today, I made the blocks for this month's $10 quilt class assignment. Block 1 Flying X Block 6 Pinwheels Block 12 Birds in the Air Block 32 Autumn Tints Block 43 Stepping Stones Variation


My 20 minute drive home took 80 minutes. When I got home, I took these photos for you. The good news is that guild was postponed until next week due to the weather. That means I have an extra week to get the embellishments on the challenge quilt. It would have worked as it stood but this way I can finish it properly. View from inside front door