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Goals 2020: Lightroom Cleanup Notes

One of my goals for a long time has been to cleanup my photos in Lightroom.  I mentioned several years ago  what I am doing to keep track of progress.  The method hasn't really changed that much. I don't use the colour labels at all so I went to Metadata, Color Label Sets and picked custom.  Then picked one with a number short cut to rename.  I renamed the green label as I couldn't bear to look at a screen with too much red or yellow.  I set the name to be the actions I want to take and a reminder of how to remove the label when I'm finished.  Labels are a toggle.  Press 8 adds the label and pressing it a second time removes it. Then I went to All Photographs under Catalog and clicked on a photo and pressed Ctrl-A to select every photo in my catalog.  Once they were all selected, I pressed the number 8 which assigned my review photo label to all my photos. If I need a reminder of what my label means, clicking on the little green icon below the photo brings