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January Review

January has been a very productive month.  Earlier last year, I took a bag of 6" fabric squares from the Community Outreach table at guild to make into a quilt.  At retreat last year, I was using these as enders and leaders to stitch into  9 patches.  Late last year, I finally dug them out from the bottom of the table, finished piecing the 9 patches (while piece 6" blocks for the 365 quilt!) and then did a disappearing 9-patch with them.  The top is now ready to take to the guild meeting this week. The 365 quilt got quilted and bound.  It still wants a label and hanging sleeve which I should finish shortly.  There were some bonus blocks that I want to make to use in the label.  For the binding, I wanted the colours to change as it went around including some changes in corners.  A google search  lead me to Cheryl Arkinson's wonderful tutorial on how to do this.  I actually found the corners much easier to deal with than the usual continuous bias that I use.  The

2016 Review

At the end of 2015, I posted a list of goals for my quilting and photography for 2016 .  The list for 2017 is here . Quilting: I started 5 new projects last year and finished one of them completely.  Six of my quilts (5 old ones) got completed as well so the Spreadsheet ended up with 52 items to complete. 1.  Use the prepurchased hours and finish tops.      I quilted 5 of my tops and 3 of Mom's at the quilt studio.  There was also one of Mom's tops that I finished hand quilting.  With the small quilt I started and finished at home, there were 10 quilts completed last year which I think is a record for me. 2.  The 365 Challenge quilt    This went really well.  For the most part I stayed up to date although by December I was getting tired and fell behind.  Still by New Years Eve, all the blocks except one corner block were made.  The top was assembled except the last border.  About 10pm, there were still 7 pages of instructions to work through for the la

January one monthly goal

My goal for January is to get caught upon this years mystery quilt that is the block of the month program at my guild. Step one was picking fabric. This is the selection. Now onto the October to January steps. Linking up with OMG at Elm Street Quilts