Iroquoia Section -- km 6.7 to 11.8

I parked at the Cline Mountain Side Trail which is at km 7.3 and hiked back to where we ended the previous week. There is a side trail that joins the main trail at 6.7 but its a longer trail and the parking was on a busier street. This section of the trail stays below the escarpment top. Its a little rocky in sections and parts were muddy.
Some trillums were still in bloom
and the mushrooms have started to come back
I like the colours and shapes of the mushrooms and fungus. They are fun to take photos of but I never pick any. I borrowed a book from the library last year and very similar looking mushrooms are benign, tasty and deadly poisonous. Photos are much safer.
This tree piece looks like its a transplant from the west coast...
That's my walking stick leaning against it in front of the knot.
This is the back of my jeans when I stopped for lunch at km 11.8. After eating, I turned around and retraced my steps to the car so the jeans were a little worse by the end
While I was changing out of the hiking boots at the end of the hike, this bumble bee came to check out the dandelions
Most of the bees I've seen this spring on nice big ones like this one.


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