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When fun becomes a chore -- try something else

While the Bringing Home the Tree wall hanging did get some thread painting but not without a lot of effort.  I ran into a lot of problems the first night I tried -- the thread broke almost every time I took a stitch -- or at least it felt that way.  After an hour I went upstairs and read.  The next night I looked up which way round the spools of thread should go -- cross wound on the vertical pin and stacked on the horizontal.  That seemed to make things go much better.  Some thread conditioner also helped on the rayon spool.  On Saturday morning I continued to do some more thread painting but it started to feel more like a chore than something I was enjoying.  So I finished the tree I was working on and switched to something else The something else was Bonnie Hunters Celtic Solstice Mystery .  I'm still working on part 1 & 2.  The link will take you to see the progress others have been making with this mystery.  On Saturday, I worked mostly on part 2 although I sn

Productive Procrastination?

This weekend was suppose to be do a few errands then start thread painting the Christmas Club quilt, Bringing Home the Tree.  The final reveal is on the 21st and this is as far as I've gotten with the top -- no change since October. I did the couple of errands I needed to do Saturday morning and spent the rest of the weekend on many things except the thread painting. On Wednesday I rented a long arm machine and quilted my first two quilts on it.  One is a guild community outreach quilt and the other has been lurking in the stash for many years.  It will probably go to the guild's outreach program as well.  Before going out on Saturday morning, I got the binding stitched on and just need to do the hand stitching.  They both use the same pattern.  It was a fun afternoon.  I think in the New Year I'll have try again with some other quilts that are lined up waiting for me to quilt them.  I also cut out more red and white half square triangles and white squares f