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Trust your notes!

I'm still working on the 365 Quilt Challenge blocks. For the current round of dark blocks I had marked that I wanted the 4 baskets for the corner flower blocks to each be one of the colour combinations. It makes the math work out if I add them in.  I put all the blocks from the 2nd dark border on the design wall on the weekend.  I also looked at how many I had made of some of the colours and thought I'd better figure out which ones I need to save a block for baskets. Without double checking the layout on the website I started to sketch out where the colours from the last round are and where the current round should go.  The sketch got messy so I found my graph paper and did it more neatly.  Some how in doing this I changed it from one row of 6" blocks that the pattern shows to two rows of 6" blocks for both the dark and light round. That messed up the math that I had done earlier but I persevered and figure out how many of each colour I should


I finally finished my Red, White, Black and Grey Mystery quilt.  Its Debbie Caffery mystery quilt Chip Off the Old Block.  The mystery has a copyright of 2000 but I think I took pieces to trim on a trip to Calgary in 2004/5ish shortly after we had the mystery class out at Hobby Horse.  Elaine led the class.  Unfortunately my spreadsheet doesnt have an start date and there's no other dates on the mystery pattern pages. We went through all the steps of the mystery over the course of a late night mystery.  Shortly afterwards I went out to Calgary for work.  As I recall since there were tons of triangles to be trimmed, I put them in a little bag with a small mat, ruler and cutter and spent some evening time in the hotel room trimming squares. This was quilt out at Whirls and Swirls in April.  Its taken a while to get the binding, sleeve and label stitched down.  In the heat, I didnt want it on my lap but I did want to get it finished so draped it over a tv tray and held it up th

Love Entwined -- Next steps

I finally finished stitching the pieces I had prepared and glued in place and am ready to start adding the zig zag border.  The problem is I've cut out all the zig zag pieces but don't remember how I planned to lay them out! :(  I looked back on previous posts and all I said is I knew what I wanted to do but didn't record any details.  I think I was planning to to repeat the colour wheel pieces in light and dark but I don't have even numbers of light and dark.  I'll have to spread the pieces out more and see if I can see the pattern.  More notes next time! Once I figure those out, I can start picking vase and flowers for the four corners. I think I'll be stopping once the vases and zigzag are finished. Linking up with Esther's WOW

T-shirt Quilt and One Block Wonder

For a long time Karen and I have been talking about making t-shirt quilts. Last month we decided it was time and I took my box of t-shirts to her house and we spent the weekend working on preparing our t-shirts. We were going to use my house but the forecast was for very warm weather that weekend and she has central air :) Over the course of the weekend we rough cut all the t-shirts and got at least half the fusing done. Today I finished trimming all my t-shirts. Now I need to figure out what size to bring them all up to so I can fit them together. They are all carefully cut out on the same multiple so I should be able to built things up and then assemble the quilt. First I need to get the one block wonder to a point were it can come off the design wall. This morning I worked on the 365 quilt and the last of the one block wonder blocks. As I was trimming the quarter square triangles, I realized that I check more than the centre marking as described in th