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$10 Quilt top -- center

Here's the center of the $10 quilt top put together. It still needs borders but they'll have to wait until next month or the new year.

Journal Quilt 2007 -- Memories

My journal quilt is base on an Inuksuk. You can see more about Inuksuk in the video at The end of this film says that the Inuksuk tells people we were here. The background was first painted with watercolour pastels then highlighted with pencil crayons. A bear and elk are quilted into the background. The outlines of both animals are taken from photos I took in the spring in Banff National park. During my trip to Alberta this summer, the wild flowers were in full bloom. Not only did they make the field on my way to work beautiful, they smelled wonderful. Thanks to the sea grass in one of the journal quilts, I knew how to quilt fields of grass. Beads were added to be the flowers. My Inuksuk and its reflection are made of photos I have taken in the last two years printed either on cotton or organza fused with misty fuse. The photos (from top to bottom) are: My cat “helping” to machine quilt; white peacock at Leeds Castle UK; pine tree

Bruce Trail -- Forks of the Credit

On the way to Forks of the Credit I passed a large turtle in the middle turn lane of Highway 10. Too much traffic to stop and take a photo. Hope he made it across the highway OK. The notes say that you need to pay for parking. Got there and discovered there was no attendant to take money -- only a machine that only took coins. Fortunately, a couple came that had an extra five dollars in coins and I was able to get a ticket after all. There was lots of milkweed and a few monarchs in the first part of the hike. At the top of the field, the path headed off through a wooded area. Part of the path went through private property with lots of quiet signs. This tree was growing something strange Later the path went past a water fall which was a little hard to photograph from the trail. The river looked nice and calm above the falls but the sign says it all for the downstream bit.... This is the lake at the beginning / end of the hike. I didn't go down to the la

Bruce Trail -- Three Niagara Trails

I started the day at the Louth Side Trail. I saw a deer go bounding through the woods but was too surprised to see him to remember to take a photo. A lack of rain this summer made for a dry waterfall. The next trail was Rockway Falls. This time I saw a tail go darting down a hole. Paused to look and saw a little garter snake. As soon as I took this picture he disappeared. Moved so fast I hardly saw him go. I think this is the point were the notes say the creek is sometimes not fordable in peak flow. With all the hot weather, there was no water to be found. But there was interesting fungus I missed the entrance to Short Hills Provincial Park and drove past the next hike at Terrace Creek. So tried to find hike #1 and got lost again. Came back and tried Terrace Creek again. The second time I found it so went for a walk there. The trail is right beside a field of grape vines. A nice high foot bridge but still not much water. Never did see a lot of water on this set of hikes.