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Gananoque Boat Cruise and Fort Henry

On August 7 Dad, Karen and I headed out on a vacation.  We came home with more than 3,000 photos, and memories of a really good trip -- about 4,000 km for Karen and I and almost 5000 for Dad.  These are some of my favorite photos.  The first two stops were a boat cruise of the 1000 Islands and Fort Henry. The 1000 Islands cruise took us around the island for Boldt Castle (begun in the early 1900's by George C. Boldt (Waldorf Astoria) for his wife Louise.  She died suddenly and construction was stopped) but we didn't stop to explore the castle.  A passport is required to visit since its in the US.  The Gananoque boats visiting the island check the passport before leaving the dock.   Boldt Castle The "castle" next door St Lawrence and 1000 Islands Soaring off the stern The next day we went to visit Fort Henry -- I kept calling it Old Fort Henry as that's the name I remember for it but in all the researching I did for the trip, it was alway

$10 Quilt for the Summer

In July I worked on the $10 quilt assignment. Before the end of the month, I had the eight blocks for the summer done -- and its not required until the end of September.   At the time I was having fun sewing the blocks so I went on to work on the beige blocks for the corners -- They need to grow up to be 9 7/8 so there's still several more rounds to go. At the beginning of August, the sewing machine got dropped off for servicing and to get the button for the feed dogs put back in place. It was a good time for repairs as we left right afterwards on three weeks holidays.