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Common Bride top Completed!

After 5 years of working off and on, I completed my Common Bride quilt top yesterday.  I finally started at a Sit 'n Sew at Elaine's back when she was doing fund raising for bike rides and would press and rip for us during the day.  That was the end of November 2014.  When I search the blog for Common Bride, I see reference to wanting to start it for two years before that.   Here's the completed top and a look at the final border that was my goal for this month.  I'd wanted to atleast get the the borders completed.  They went together very easily at a Sit 'n Sew last week and over the weekend I was able to add 3 of them to the top.  Yesterday morning at a Monday Sewing group, I made the corner blocks then added the 4th border and the 4 corners.  There may have been a small happy dance after I put the top down to show it to the ladies. These are the little sections that needed to be joined to make the borders.  Once they were joined, a dark

September OMG Common Bride final border

These little checker boards now have a white quarter square triangle at one end and a coloured quarter triangle at the other.  I've started to sew them into pairs and then need to assemble them into borders.  In September I'd like to get the borders pieced and added to the centre.  There are 4 corner squares that will then need to be completed.  Ideally by the end of September my quilt top (below) will be completed but I'll be happy to have the borders and corners ready to add. Linking up with Patty's OMG