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2009 $10 Quilt -- for June

With the class on Saturday, I have the two applique blocks done now (Thursday evening). I was beginning to think they weren't going to get finished on time.

Hiking on the Bruce Trail

Gerda, you asked a question and for some reason I cannot comment on my blog tonight. Hope I can publish a posting. When I plan a hike, I look for side trails along the way that help me avoid returning exactly same way I went. Sometimes that works (like this hike) where there was only a couple of kilometers of repeat. Sometimes it doesn't (like this hike) which was turn around around and retrace your steps. I did see a couple of things on the way back that I hadn't noticed going though. On the Bruce Trail website, if you go here and click on one of the map sections, there are usually some selected hike files for that club. I used several of these when I first started going out to the trail. Most of the ones I used were planned so you go in a circle. Some are linear and you walk back the way you came. Each of the clubs has organized hikes. Some are public. Some involve meeting at a certain point then car pooling to the beginning of the hike. At the end of the day,

A quiet Sunday

This morning I got two of the blocks for this month's $10 quilt assignment done. Now just the applique to do -- and two weeks left. This afternoon I sat outside with my pop, a book and my camera. For a couple of hours I took pictures from my chair. Except for the iris, the others are a selection the wild life that wandered across fences, trees and the yard.

Bruce Trail Toronto Section -- km 29.9 to 39.0

My shadow and I started out to hike along from km 29.9 to 39. Starting from Scotsdale Farm, there are a number of side trails that helped keep the trip from being there and back like most of there others. The route looked something like this and was about 16.5km. The trail was very muddy in spots. I climbed over this stile before I realized I could have just walked around it. Then I got a good look at the ground. Just as well I climbed over. This tree must have been pretty small when the fence was strung. I saw several spots where the tree had grown over the barbwire fence. I found lots more mushrooms and fungus today. Beige ones, grey ones, orange ones and black ones. When I climbed to the top of a trail, I found a picnic table! I'd had a yogurt a few minutes earlier but stopped for part of my sandwich and some coffee. It was too good an opportunity to rest and relax. The second photo is what was growing in the hole in the tree to the right of the picnic table.

Bruce Trail - Toronto Section 25.2 to 29.9

So I decided to do the section from Scotsdale farm back to where I ended yesterday. It simplifies the planning for the rest of the trail. When I parked, this little guy was sitting there and singing. Found different kinds of fungus today. I did see lots of the big plate ones and some of the bells that grow on trees but also found these ones A lot of the walk today was over swamps so there was lots of sections of boardwalk. This section came out at the edge of Trafalgar Road. Just to make sure you know where you are The hike also went along the side of Highway 7 (the map notes have a bold warning about walking well over on the shoulder and facing traffic. ) This sign is on the side of the highway near where the trail comes out of the bush The trail then went down Sixth Line before going back into the bush. This was my view where I stopped to eat my sandwich. The birds were singing very nicely too. Saw lots of wild grapevines growing along fences and tree stumps. Climbed over the

Bruce Trail - Toronto Section 14.4 to 25.2

I started at Limehouse today and walked up to km 25.2 --by the road on the way there and by the proper trail on the way back. Going by the road cut out a couple of km. Then I went back to km 14.4 where I turned around last week. It was about 19km round trip (since I did the road bits in a couple of spots to save distance). Where the side trail from the parking lot joined the main trail, there was tree fungus on the tree by the sign. Starting at Limehouse put me back at the Hole-in-the-wall . The first photo gives a glimpse of the lower ladder from the top of the trail. The second is standing a the top of the ladders and looking down. When you come off the bottom ladder, the trail turns immediately left and goes between a split in the rock. On the way back I sat and sketched the upper ladder I managed to turn the wrong way when I got down to the next section of the trail. I missed the blazes on the tree again. I really need to watch the trees as well as my feet. This sig