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WorldWide Photowalk -- Midland

I came home with lots of pictures from the two hours (partly because I had the exposure bracketing on so it took 3 photos when I pressed the trigger and partly because I tend to hold the shutter a little bit too long and get multiple photos). I've now gone through all the photos and removed the junk and the duplicates. I think I'm left with less than half. Of those, this is a slideshow of my favorites. If this doesn't work, the photos are on flickr here

ROM and Not Queen Anne's Lace

Last weekend I went to the Royal Ontario Museum on Saturday to see the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit. No photos are allowed in the special exhibit area. Ten fragments were on display. Not all the scrolls are books of the Old Testament. There are some that sound like they are commentaries and some are rules for community living. I think it was a total of 400 scrolls found. They’ve pieced together all the fragments and there are books available of the translated scrolls. I’d made a reservation to go up to C5 for Afternoon Tea. I finished looking at the scroll exhibit and had time to wander through another part of the museum. The museum website has a couple of pod casts that I’d downloaded so I played the Egypt one and wandered through that section. The beaded piece is a covering for a mummy. It’s a richer colour of Blue in real life. I need to learn to take photos through the glass cases. The papyrus fragment is part of the Egyptian Book of the Dead that the museum has on display

Bruce Trail -- Finished Toronto Section, Start Caledon Hills Section

On Saturday I went out to finish the Toronto Section of the trails from km 46.2 to 50.5 then the beginning of the Caledon Hills trail to see the badlands. Came across this old car wreck around km 48.3 (its on the closed portion of Boston Mills Rd). The trail then follows the road to the end of the Toronto Section at the corner of Boston Mills & Creditview Rd. Didn't find a trail marker to indicate the switch of clubs at this end, just the blazes on the pole to turn left to keep following the trail. There are lots of farms in the area. Lots of cut hay in the area but not many are in rolls yet -- too much rain I guess. A short ways up Creditview Rd, the trail goes off the road again. This is the edge of the badlands area. At first, this was the only part I saw. A little disappointing. But a little ways on, I came to another road that the trail was crossing. I could see cars parked up a little ways, so I walked up the road and this was my lunch view Badlands are unusual

Bruce Trail -- km 42.8 - 46.2

The office is closed today in honour of Canada Day. It was suppose to rain all day but when I got up this morning, the forecast was no rain until mid afternoon so I decided to grab my stuff (including boots this time!) and head out for a short hike. Good thing I took the boots. Although it was a mostly smooth, level trail again, it was also a very muddy trail in sections since we've had a lot of rain since Saturday night. Almost as soon as I started down the trail, I saw this dragonfly. I'm amazed at the variety of colours they come in. This is the path I was following. As soon as you enter the dark hole in the middle of the trees The path opens out into this Saw lots of mushrooms today. I borrowed a book from the library to get a general idea what some of these are. Not exact names as there isn't enough details in a photo to determine that. One the same page in the book, some mushrooms are edible, some are undetermined and some are very poisonous. So I'm st

Bruce Trail -- km 39.0 to 42.8

When I was a little over half way to the starting point Saturday morning I realized I didn't have my hiking boots with me. Going on a hike and no boots? Decided not to turn back and just use the little runners I had on. Fortunately most of the trail was smooth not rocky. I did miss my boots on the few rocky bits though. Started by doing the Walking Fern Sidetrail from km 39. It goes down for almost 1 km then you turn around. I saw a heron take flight but the pictures are way to blurry. I like the mosses and lichen on this rock. The other picture is the walking fern. Apparently it will send out shots and sprout another plant so it looks like its walking. Then back to following the main trail. At this point I started watching the clock. The $10 quilt class started at noon and I figured I needed 15 minutes to get over to the store so I had a little more than 90 minutes before I needed to be leaving. From what I've been reading the Terra Cotta Forest Conservation Area