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Zygocactus Quilt Blocks

In Sept 2004, the mystery night quilt at Hobby Horse was Zygocactus by Myrna Allen. I got a few blocks made then the supplies ended up in a box. This summer I've finished the blocks. The flowers are the hand-dyed fabrics from a workshop during Summer '04 and the background is a commercial butterfly print

$10 Quilt Blocks

Here are the close up photos of the blocks. I did sew some of the pieces together the other evening (instead of doing the prep work for the two side borders that need to be done at the end of September). I didn't like the initial cat block (the beige blob) so decided to change it for Froggie....

2008 $10 Quilt so Far

Here's this years $10 quilt so far. I still don't have pictures of all the monthly assignments. Its laid out in the approximate order of the pattern.

Weaver Fever Top

Finally finished the weaver fever top. It was started at a Mystery Night out at Hobby Horse several years ago (have to keep digging to find a date). Got back at it this summer when Hobby Horse started having Monday evening sewing sessions. Karen, I'll work on photos of this year's $10 quilt next.

Finally some lamp shades

I rearranged lamps so instead of 5 shades am now looking for 6. I got the first 3 today and re-arranged the last of the lamps. This one moved into the den Both of these are now upstairs -- getting tall shades like they had was the problem. Found these ones which are rectangular and work well on the bedside table and sewing table since they don't take up as much room