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Todo Lists for Quilting and photography

This morning I saw a badge on Elaine's blog.  Normally I read through a reader and don't see the badges.  Planning what to complete or atleast to progress over the next year sounds like a good idea.  I use lists when I have deadlines or at work to keep track of what needs doing.  Quilting I like to keep track of my projects. The list is long and has gone back to more undone than done. This is the top part of the spreadsheet. There are 53 54 things on the in progress tab. The completed tab has 47. I enjoy moving items to the completed tab.  1.  I've pre-purchased 10 hours of quilting at a new long arm quilting store called Whirls and Swirls and completed the training program. In January I'm going to go quilt the my first quilt there. The goal is to get at least 8 - 10 tops quilted next year. Actually 12 would be ideal (one a month) but I'm not sure that will be practical. Some will be from this list and some will be tops that Mom had completed tha