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June OMG completed

My goal for the month was to finish the applique on the squares so they could be added to the blossoms.  All of them did get stitched, cut and added to blossoms.  I still need to add the stems and other leaves.  The stay stitching seems to have worked well to stabilize the edges judging from how it felt when I was adding the triangles.   During Monday sewing sessions, I also got all these little patches for the outer border pressed and the seams swirled.  I would stitch for a bit then press ten of them.  Back to sttiching until I needed a break then press ten more.  Over two Mondays all 180ish were pressed and are now ready for their triangles and to be stitched into the outer border. The big press over the last two weeks has been to actually get a quilt finished for the Cherrywood Fabric 2019 challenge .  This morning I took the photos and have just finished submitting the info to the website.  It was nice to see this message and I have over 48 hours to spare.  Now to

June OMG: More Common Bride

My goal for June will be more progress for Common Bride.  I'd like to get the applique added to the 10 large squares so that they are ready to trim and added to the flower blocks.  Ideally, I'll get the triangles added to the flower blocks and the last appliques added but I have a challenge quilt to work on in June as well so I'm not sure there will be sufficient time.  Applique needs to go from this to this in order to be cut apart and added to the flower block.  One of nine blocks is completed.  I've started on the second block but need to cut more shapes before the others can proceed.  I also have an appointment to go quilt my Grand Illusion quilt in June.  It will be nice to have that quilted and bound.  I need to look at the list of tops and make an appointment for July or August to go quilt another one.  I do much better when I make an appointment before I leave for the next visit.    Linking up with Patty's One Monthly Goal for Ju