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Finished Top and Bias Binding Made

Last night I added the borders to Friends on Chelsea Lane so the quilt top is now complete.  The fabric kit also contained the fabric for binding so this morning I prepared the binding for the quilt.  Now to figure out how I want to quilt this.  It will join the to be sandwiched pile for the next time I take down the flannel sheet and start sandwiching .    I choose to use a bias binding.  Its not really that necessary but the flowers will look nice rolling over the edge.  I started with a large square of fabric (27.5 inches) and folded it in half twice to make a small triangle The triangle gets pressed to give markings but as I worked I noticed I don't use those markings any more so I think next time I might skip the second fold.    Cut the square in half along one of the diagonals. I'm using the line I pressed as well as the 45 degree line on the roller to get my cutting line.  Once its cut in half, take the bottom right triangle and lay it on top of the othe

Centre Finished and Borders Prepared

Last weekend I finished the last of the stitching on the centre blocks and stitched the top together. The next step is borders.  They need 28 circles appliqued on triangles appliqued on the red lady bug fabric.  The circles are 2.25 inches finished.  Turns out the inside of a mason jar ring is the correct size so I had an easy tracing tool Earlier that week Elaine posted a tutorial on preparing circles for applique which was a timely reminder.  Thanks Elaine!  It didn't take too long to cut, baste and prepare the circles. There were five different fabrics to use for the triangles and we needed 28 triangles.  Five from each of three, 6 from one and 7 from the last.  Spent some time marking the triangles onto the fabric then pinned and placed for stitching.  Most of them were done yesterday (watched a couple of movies after the $10 quilt class.  Got several stitched during the class). This afternoon I cut the triangles out and basted them to the borders.  They wi

More Progress

I decided on words for the two blocks that needed new words.  Harvest Moon changed to celebrate and the Gourds got Sing.  They are both done now.  Here's the finished blocks so far In the bottom right is a house block which is the block that's currently living in my purse.  The doors and 3 windows are stitched on.  Eventually all the white thread will come out. The last block, for the left side is called Dream.  I noticed after taking this photo that I got two of the flower petals reversed.  It still needs leaves basted in place.  There are two greens and I'm trying to decide how to make the 3 pairs of leaves.  I can't get 6 leaves of one green.  The most is 4.  So I need to decide which light and dark pairings I want to use. Friday night I cut all the bits and pieces for the 2nd block for O Tannebaum.  Its actually House #1.  On Saturday I went to Elaine's Pampered Sit and Sew.  Spent part of the day doing the prep work for the last two blocks above and st