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Weekend Walks

Last week we had a couple of really hot humid days. Then a wonderful thunderstorm on Thursday evening which cooled things off. Friday when I came out of the office it was a lovely evening so after dinner I went for a walk by the creek near home. I haven't walked near the creek for two or three weeks. In the interval someone has been out with paint to decorate under the bridges and the garbage cans. I haven't been able to find out who did it but they sure did a nice job! Last month when we went walking out at Silver Creek, Karen took this photo of a porcupine. It waddled along the base of the cliff and then climbed the tree. It was fun watching it climb up and have a snack. Moving from one fork branch to the other seemed to require a great deal of coordination. On Saturday I went back out to Silver Creek for a walk. The little frog lives in the leaf litter and is less than one inch long. The snail was living on a decaying log just a few steps further up the