Poor filter

Poor filter
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Iroquoia Section 2.1 to 6.7
This is why a filter on the front of your lens is a good idea. When we were getting ready to start our hike, I managed to bounce my camera on the ground. The camera was sitting on the back seat and when I grabbed the pack the camera came flying out as well. It must have been sitting on one of the straps. The lens cap drove into the filter. The filter was broken but the lens itself is fine. I was nervous about hiking with no filter on the front of the lens so put the polarizing filter on even though it wasn't a good day for that kind of filter. I forgot to change the camera settings to accommodate for the darker filter so have had to play with some of my pictures. Dad was busy playing with his new camera so I have some of his photos too.
The first 2.5 km were road walking. Once we got back onto the escarpment, Dad took the pack for a while since we had one pack between us. I felt like I was floating hiking without it. Dad thinks I must carry several large bricks in it. Actually its mostly the 3L of water (and our lunch).
Dad Checking out his new cameraMe with no packDad after lunch
The trilliums were out and Dad had fun taking flower photos. We must be rubbing off on him!
The Trilliums are outTrilliums
We didn't see a lot of wild life although we heard lots of birds. Saw a lost feather
Lost Feather
and this little guy
Local Wildlife
When the rains finally come, I'm sure the hikers will appreciate this.
It had been dry enough that the stream below didn't have a lot of water.


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