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One monthly goal November

The goal for this month was to stitch all the dark blocks for the outer border together. They are all now joined and the two at the side are joined to the main body. I need light squares to join the other two as there are some large blocks to go in the corners. This is the 365 quilt Linking up with one monthly goal at Elm Street Quilts

Binding Inner Corners

Last weekend Karen and I went to Whirls and Swirls and quilted two of Mom's quilt tops.  One was a Judy Laquidara pattern called Note to Self and the other was a string quilt. Note to Self String Quilt  The string quilt was made to fold neatly over the corner of the bed so there are two inside corners to bind.  That's not something I had ever done before so I did some google searches, looked at several websites then took a piece of the cut off from one of the quilts, cut out a corner and grabbed a scrap of binding that was sitting on the table. Before beginning clip the corner at a 45 degree angle part way through the seam allowance.  I'm working with binding that will finish at a half inch so I clipped perhaps 3/8 of an inch.  You can see the clip open in the second photo. I forgot to get a photo of the first part when I did the trial with the scraps.  Stitch the binding along the edge leading in to the corner like usual.  When you start to get close to the

November OMG - Binding or piecing

Last month I quilted a guild mystery quilt from 2005/6.  I have material to make the binding but want a bias binding as its a stripe and I like the look of a bias binding for stripes.  The quilt is very bright and the round dots are all clock faces. I think the mystery was designed by Billie Lauder.  The printouts I have don't have the designer name but they are labelled as clue #1,2,3 etc and the components are called Suspects which I think is how Billie's instructions are written.  This year I've been doing the 365 Challenge quilt. The current lot of dark blocks should be finishing shortly. Then there are a number of lighter blocks. The other choice for a goal this month is to take the dark blocks and start assembling the dark pieces. They cannot be joined to the center of the quilt yet as I'll need the light blocks to make the row tall enough to match with the large corner blocks but getting the 3.5 blocks turned into 6.5 inch blocks and then joine