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Fun Quilting this weekend or What Was I Thinking?

They forecast-ed rain for yesterday afternoon so after going to the farmer's market for my Saturday Peameal Bacon Bun followed by picking up Corn-on-the-cob, peaches, cherries, mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers and bing cherries, I came down and played with some quilts. Had a wonderful time but some of this weekends work may evolve into What Was I Thinking. First up was to get a compass prepared for hand-stitching for Love Entwined .  Part 1 and 2 of this BOM are published.  I'm part way through Part 1 and need to decide what background to use.  I turned under the edges of the compass and its centre and laid them out on 4 different colours -- black, white, pale green and pale pink.  Black White Pale Green Pale Pink I don't have enough of any of them for the background requirements but I liked these ideas. Need to decide soon so I can complete step one which involves many very tiny circles on a ring that surrounds the compass.  This is definitely in

Quilts at Sharon Temple

From Alliston, we headed over to East Gwillumbury and Sharon Temple . I loved the setting.  It was hard to focus on the quilts sometimes.  I kept wanting to move them out of the way.  Lots of lovely quilts though and I enjoyed the show. Some more fun quilts. The ballarina quilt was made for the lady's grand-daughter who is only two. Grandma is hopeful that the quilt will inspire some dreams. I've seen one other version of the Hart's Content quilt and it was just as fun. The buildings all have fabric specific to what the shop sells. Really fun to examine. Cecile Lavas - Alanna's Quilt Cecile Lavas - Alanna's Quilt Detail Amy Hart - Hart's Content - My Kinda Place I like this take on a one block wonder. The design was a necessity brought on by lack of fabric but what a wonderful solution to the problem. Helen Badgerow - Peacock Beauties Helen Badgerow - Peacock Beauties Detail 1 Helen Badgerow - Peacock Beauties Detail 2

Alliston Quilt Show - Quilting Among Friends

On our day out last month Karen and I met at a car pool lot and then headed up to the first show in Alliston.  We hadn't really planned on this show because I'd forgotten about it then assumed it was to far away.  A quick check on google maps said it wasn't as far as I thought.  One of the first quilts we saw was a Rosewood Quilt.  I have one of these from the $10 quilt classes out at Hobby Horse.  Mine is waiting to be quilted.  This was done at another quilt shop. Cathy Conrad-Doll My Rosewood Quilt  Next were a few fun quilts.  Ditzy Chicks and Funky Cats.  I like the attitude in the chicks and the mice and cheese hiding in the twisted tails of the cats. Arlene Gibson - The Ditsy Chicks Senora Baldry - Funky Cats Senora Baldry Funky Cats Detail They had a wonderful collection of One Block Wonder quilts.  I bought some fabric and a book last year to make a One Block Wonder but still haven't begun.  I love to see what happens with the technique. 

Sharon Temple

At the beginning of June, Karen and I went to two quilt shows one Saturday.  The second was held in the Sharon Temple in Sharon Ontario near Newmarket.  The temple and out buildings are a National Historic Site and one of those hidden treasures that are close to home that we often don't see.  I loved seeing the quilts that were on display but I need to make another trip back to see the temple without the quilts.  The stairway up to the loft really caught my attention.  The temple was built in 1832 and used by the Children of Peace (broke away from the Quakers).  Interestingly it was not used every Sunday.  The times it was used were in conjunction with fund raising to support their work with the poor. The website is Also on the site are some other buildings including the home of the Architect, a study and a cook house.  The Architects home was open for a visit and had some quilts on beds that belong to the site.  The pomegranate quilt was