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Ready to stitch

. I taped the centre section of the pattern together yesterday. Then I started to lay out all the bits that I had prepared for the last month. Now it is ready to be stitched. Still have to make the zigzag parts though. Linking this up with Esther's WOW

Prep work for Love Entwined

After stitching the flowers around the centre and adding their stems, Love Entwined has sat waiting for me to prep the next step.  Its waited a long time.  Over the last month I've prepared a whole baggie of bits for parts 2&3.  I still haven't tackled the zigzag part but I know what I plan to do so I'll get to it shortly. (The black lines are just stitched lines to help with the placement.  They mark the 8 points of the top.  Eventually, I'll remove them) After trying the applique tools and various interfacings, I traced two pages of shapes that I needed and printed them on the wash away stabilizer and then prepared the shapes. Last Sunday I was suppose to go to Elaine's for an applique day. When I went out to head over we were having freezing rain. I cleared the windshield, got in the car, couldn't see out the windshield for the freezing rain so got out and cleared it again. After the third time clearing and still not being able to pull out of