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Kobos Don't Bounce Very Well

I dropped my poor Kobo getting ready to go out one Sunday morning in May. It was in its case so I just put it in my purse and went off to met Dad for lunch in Gravenhurst. On the way home, I stopped for a break at a rest area and pulled out the Kobo to read. It wouldn't turn on and there was a pale grey smudge behind the logo shaped like a book. I thought it had turned on accidentally and burned out the battery. Also thought it was weird I hadn't noticed the book shape in the past. Charged it when I got home and it still wouldn't turn on. By the end of the evening it looked like this -- that middle bit should be all white like the top right corner. I called Kobo to find out if there was somewhere I could take it to get a repair estimate or was I better to just buy a new one. Kobo actually sent me a new (refurbished) reader since mine was under a year old. Given that the damage was my own fault I'm really impressed they replaced it. It was nice to get the new