Hiking on a hot weekend

On May 29th, I went back out to the Calcium Pits (Km 107.1) and hiked south from there to km 100.1  There's a 2.5 km side trail in there that I followed on the way back. It was really hot and humid that day. In the woods it wasn't bad but in the open areas, it was sticky. When I got back to km 102.2 I realized I could follow the trail back to the car (about 5 km) or walk straight up the road in front of me for about 2.5 km to the car. I choose the shorter route so in total the hike was almost 15 km.
This is the view over the calcium pits where I began. From 1920 - 1950, this area was mined for materials to make whitewash, culvert tiles and a bug killer that was a precursor to DDT.
Throughout the Bruce Trail there are bridges, stiles and boardwalks built by volunteers to help cross wet areas and fences. Some of the land areas are privately owned and the trail has permission to cross the land.
The wildflowers are out in bloom and the bees were very busy
I came across a few mushroom patches.
And saw several dragon / damsel flies. Also some birds and frogs but not much else in the way of wild life. The frog was a long way away from water but I was reading last year on one of the conservation web sites about a brown frog who lives in the forest not the water.
It may not be visible in smaller versions of the photo, but there are two side trail instructions in the photos -- for the same side trail. One says to take the left fork and the other the right. A little confusing from a distance. The High Water Route photo, is the explanation. The trail runs near a river. When there is danger of high water, take the left fork otherwise, take the right.
Which way to goHigh Water Route


  1. Anonymous07:45

    Helen Anne

    Gosh - you have sure done a LOT of the Bruce Trail

    Thanks for postoing that picture of the blue/white quilt. I love it!!!!

  2. The trail is over 800 km (1200 if you include all the side trails)!. Its divided into 9 sections. I've done all of 1 and parts of 3 others. Its an excellent place to go hiking.


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