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August OMG complete

My goal this month was to finish appliqueing the other 16 triangles required for my Common Bride quilt.  When the first 8 were finished, I added them to the 4 from last month and put them up on the design wall.   When the last eight were finished, I added the corners to the design wall. Last week Elaine had a sit and sew day at her house so I took the quilt with me to add the triangles to the centre.   My star blocks turned out slightly small so I knew I'd need to add a small strip to make the triangles fit.  So first I pieced the three triangles for each side border.  They all turned out to be 51 1/4 inches -- I was thrilled with the consistency.  I spent some time making sure I cut the strips correctly and then added the triangles.  They all fit beautifully.  The corner triangle pairs also turned out consistent and fit very nicely. I'm thrilled with how this top is progressing.  One last border to add and it will be ready to be quilted.  

Road to Llano Finished

In Nov 2013 , I finished a quilt top called Road to Llano.  Its a pattern designed by Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times .  The poor thing has sat on a shelf waiting for backing and a trip to the long arm quilters ever since.  Finally last month, I took it to Whirls and Swirls and quilted it.  I have an appointment to go quilt another top next week so today got busy and finished stitching down the binding.  I did the label and sleeve yesterday and had started the binding.  I was at a stitching group today so there were conversations to help the stitching along.  The triangles for common bride are coming well and I'm on track to get them all appliqued this month.  I'm down to 5 of 20 left.   

Common Bride August Goal

I spent some time last week prepping the other 16 triangle blocks for Common Bride.  One is now complete.  My goal is to finish the other 15 before the end of the month.  Once they are prepared, they are quick to stitch so it should be easily done.  The 8 that need a smaller inside leaf still need their leafs but I've trimmed the template and just need to ensure its trimmed enough so I think I'll have them finished this month.  I'm using Freezer paper on top and needle turn the shapes as I go.  Each shape is pinned in place with tiny applique pins.  Ready to be cut out All prepared Linking up with Patty's One Monthly Goal .