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2017 Planning

The 2016 planning had mixed results. Probably because I saw post and created the list at the last minute. I am really pleased though with what was accomplished. I'll look at that another day. Quilting  The spreadsheet still has 52 things on it but the completed tab has 51 completed things.  1. I've already thought about what 12 things I would like to move along or complete next year. Elaine has a series going for Motivational Monday's so I spent some time thinking about those.  For 2017 I'm going to work on these twelve things:   Some will get fully finished.  Some will probably just get moved along.  The Common Bride is a big quilt.  Love Entwined is also big but I think I'm stopping once the centre is completed.  Still lots of applique to do there though.  Each month I'll be picking on to work on and then deciding what can be done in the month.  January's goal is to get caught up on this years Guild BOM and then put in  place a keep up go

December OMG

Decembers One Monthly Goal Link up is open at Elm Street Quilts and the three quilts I was binding this month are completed.  First up is the Guild Mystery from 2006.  Its bound and a label sewn on.  I'm still debating keeping or donating.  Its an odd size but long enough to cover me well for an afternoon nap.  I'll try it on one of the twin beds and see how it works.  If it works well, I'll probably give it a wash and send it to the guilds community outreach. Next is the string quilt Mom made.  Its binding is on and its labelled.  Its even on a bed being slept under.  And finally, the last quilt Mom was working on.  It has its binding, label and sleeve.  Its also on a bed being slept under.  This is Judy Laquidara's Note to Self quilt. Dad was watching the binding on the last two and after a quick lesson, he worked on the bindings.  He finished all of one side of the string quilt and part of another and finished the last three feet or so of the Last

December One Monthly Goal

I'm still working on the 365 quilt and should be able to finish it by the end of the year.  I'm a few blocks behind at the moment but I'll get caught up and have it ready to quilt by the end of the year. But my goal for this month is to finish binding and labelling the guild mystery quilt I quilted in October and to finish the binding and labelling of the two quilts of my mothers we quilted in November.  My sister and I are sharing the binding so the goal is really to finish my half.  One is almost finished and I have the sleeve ready to add to it.  The other needs three more sides done. linking up with the December One Monthly Goal