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Ladies Retreat

We had a ladies retreat at Deerhurst last weekend with Rosemary Flaaten as the guest speaker. The topic was A woman and her Relationships and was based on Rosemary's book. It was an excellent weekend. Rosemary spoke about the relationships God wants to have with us, how we damage relationships and how to avoid the damage. Both mornings I got up early and went out to take pictures. These are some of my favorites There are additional photos in the slide show

Thanksgiving Weekend

On Saturday morning I went up to North Bay. This time I pulled over at the High Falls Rest Area (Hwy 11 and 117). Had a wonderful time wandering around taking photos. The trans canada trail runs through here. When I discovered I'd been at the rest area for 45 minutes I called Mom to let her know I'd been distracted and would be a little late. She said the drive they'd done the week before through Dorset (Hwy 117, 35 and 60) had been very pretty. Since it was a nice day I drove that way instead of getting back on the highway. I left my house and 8 am and finally got to North Bay about 4:30. Should have been there by 1. These chairs were facing a canal at Baysville. There's a selection of photos from my drive in this slide show On Sunday Dad and I went over to Duchesnay Falls. We didn't get very far before we need to go home as Karen was going to be online for a chat.