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Todo List checkin - Mid February

At the end of December I had a todo list that I wanted to work on for this year.  Its here .  Six weeks in and I have made progress.  Quilting: 1.  In January we went and quilted twice so two quilts have moved to the completed tab of my spreadsheet.  (there's a empty version of it on google drive here ) The schedule doesn't work to get out again in February but I have an appointment booked for March.  Last Sunday Karen and I measured the tops of Mom's that are at my house and sorted them into to all over, custom, top needs finishing and needs hand quilting.  I still think there are some tops up at Dad's but we'll start with these ones.  Tomorrow I'm going to get some backing fabric for some of those tops and some of my own so I have backing ready. 2.  The 365 quilt is going well.  I've completed up to Feb 10th so am keeping up with each week.  A few blocks last week were working with very tiny half square triangles and I was reminded why I never