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Corn Maze & Pampered Sit & Sew

Thursday evening I finished adding borders to another of the $10 quilts -- Spring from 2004.  Now Nana`s Farm needs borders and then everything is up to quilting except the few that are actually quilted.  Nothing like a reunion at the end of November to get me moving on the todo's. I finally brought the applique pins downstairs so I should get going on Love Entwined again.  The crown is cut out I just need to pin it in place so I can start stitching. Yesterday Karen & I went over to Waterloo to see the Waterloo Quilt Guild Show.  It was an excellent show.  A very talented group of quilters.  The big disappointment is no sharing photos without permission of the member and the guild so those photos will stay on my computer. Afterwards we drove to Crosshill to the Waterloo Cornmaze where we spent a couple of hours trying to find our way through the maze. We made a start and didn`t seem to be getting anywhere so Karen took my camera and went back inside to take a photo

Milestones on Two quilts

I finished appliqueing the borders while I was on holidays for All Things Christmas. I didn't get the top together in time for guild this month cause I had a nap that afternoon instead. Seemed more important at the time. The top is now done and the binding is made. There are a number of buttons and bows and other embellishments to add once its quilted. This years $10 quilt is Bringing Home the Tree. I spent yesterday cutting out the rest of the shapes and they are now finger pressed in place. I've used the iron on the house, the barn, the bridge and the horse/waggon but not on the top itself so its still easy to lift things up and move them around. Next is thread painting and stitching things down. That will take a little while. I did get the freezer paper templates traced for the next part of Love Entwined but haven't picked fabrics yet. Also found new fabrics for Road to Llano and have re-made the parts that need re-making. I'm almost ready to start