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October Goal progress

My goal for October was to finish the applique for blocks P, R and S.  I've completed those three and started in on T for Tree.  There is embroidery to complete on all these blocks later on but I want to finish the applique first.   My sister suggested using one of the left over yo-yos from the Christmas Heartlights quilt for Rudolph's nose.  Seemed like a good plan so one of the extras is now has a home.   R is for Rudolph S is for Stocking the blocks so far T is for Tree (in Progress) Linking up with Patty's One Monthly Goal

Christmas Heart Lights

In January 2011 , I started working of Christmas Heart Lights by Susie M. Robbins as a $10 quilt class out at Hobby Horse.  The top did get finished that year in time for the reveal as far as I remember -- There aren't many postings about the quilt that year.  In September I took the top to Whirls n Swirls and quilted it.  This time I did it free motion from the front of the machine as I wanted to control the quilting which the usual pantographs wouldn't allow me to do.    I quilted five pointed stars in the background and looping lines (to mimic a string of lights) over the tree.  I was pleased with how it turned out.   When I got home and trimmed the quilt, I opened the storage box to get the binding and yo-yos that I needed to finish it.  No binding and no yo-yos.  What I did find was the pattern, some leftover blocks and some fabric that I could use for binding.  I've looked through the sewing room but haven't been able to find the yo-yos.  So I g

October goal: Christmas “A-Z”

A different quilt for my goal this month.  The Common Bride top is completed and I'm still considering how to quilt it.  I found the pictures from the Hamilton show in 2014 and have looked at how that group of ladies each quilted their's and am still debating hand vs machine and what designs.  I'll let that bubble for a bit longer. This month its back to Christmas "A-Z" which has also been underway for a long time (sometime pre 2012  according to this post).  Blocks A - J are completed except the lettering in A and D and trimming them.  Blocks K to Q need embroidery and P is still in progress.  My goal for October is to complete the applique for P, R and S.  I have the other two blocks traced and the letters are done.  R is Rudolph and S is a stocking.  Both should be easier than P which is plum pudding.  The embroidery will wait until the remaining blocks are done and I'll do all the lettering at once.  Not many blocks have lettering but I do want it to