Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens

I've known the gardens were there for a long time but I've never remembered to stop in the spring for a visit. This year, I finally took time to go to the Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens. Actually I've made several visits. The first visit in mid-April was when the Magnolias and Azaleas were in bloom. Its also when Dad got his new little camera so the pictures of Dad and I and of Mom and I are some of the first pictures taken with the camera.

Apparently, the flowers start blooming in April and go through to the end of June.
In mid-May I went back and this tree was in bloom. I'm not sure what it is. It has tiny flowers like a lilac but they are all over the branch. Its very beautiful. (Its a Red Bud Tree -- Thanks Elaine!)
The fruit trees and rhododendrons had also started bloom and the bees were very busy
On the May long weekend, after Dad and I went hiking, the three of us went to visit the gardens again.
I think I'll try to swing past the gardens again soon to see how they are doing. The flowering is suppose to end by Father's Day which is coming quickly.


  1. I tried posted comments a couple of times - then had to log in and forgot to come back to post the comment!!! DUH!!! FABULOUS pictures. So clear and beautiful. I see your DAd is enjoying his new camera and your Mom is looking great! Good thing for filters!!! And that pink tree is called a Nine Bud (I think)


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