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$10 Quilt Reveal and Layers Class

So yesterday was the reveal at Hobby Horse for this years $10 quilt classes. I was a bit late getting there so missed getting photos of some of the quilts. Elaine was taking photos, so hopefully she'll post some too. The quilts are here or you should be able to watch this slide show. When I got home yesterday, I got busy right away and download the photos from the camera. But then got side tracked by this weeks layer's class lesson. (Sorry Mom) Its about making out of bounds (OOB) photos. The ones where things seem to be coming out of the pictures. This is as far as I got with the one of the donkeys at Carisbrooke Castle. They were being lead around the ring and the announcer was telling us about the donkey. This one got hold of his lead and wasn't going any where.

2009 $10 Quilt -- top

So this is the top -- it still needs a border or two -- I'm thinking about wood cut / mat style fabric for the borders. The dark brown I have is a little dark to go as the inner boarder but maybe as the outer if I can find a lighter one to go between.


I was up early Saturday morning so went down to the lakefront and took some sunrise photos. Of all the photos I took yesterday morning, this is my favorite. Ten others from my morning session are on flickr here .