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Guild Quilt Show

The Mississauga Quilters Guild had their show this weekend. The challenge theme this year was "With a Song in My Heart" and featured a bright Orange and a colourful music fabric. My quilt is called "When I Survey". This time I had to enter the masters category because I won in the open category at the last show. This was what I found when I got to the show on Friday Evening: Second place in the masters category! What a nice surprise.

Calgary Trip: Drumheller, Badlands and the Royal Tyrrell Museum

The second weekend in Calgary I drove out to Drumheller to see the Canadian badlands and the Royal Tyrrell museum. All through Drumheller, there were dinosaurs on display. This is the large one at the tourist information centre. You can climb up inside the dinosaur to see the view from his mouth. The walls inside a decorated with all kinds of fun paintings and the door at the top shows a couple about to go see the world... / From there, I drove over to see the hoodoos. These are rock pillars formed by wind and water. The hats are hard limestone that protect the softer rock pillars underneath. Eventually the pillars wear away and collapse. There was a hill or wall behind the hoodoos that I saw that looked like baby hoodoos being formed On the way back toward Drumheller, I stopped to see the suspension bridge. It is open to foot traffic and I did go part way out but it was swaying, and that water looked very cold so I turned around and went back to firm ground.

Calgary Trip: Banff

On the first weekend, I went to Banff. Athenea is a consultant at work. She didn't go home to Mexico City for the weekend so she came with me. It was a really fun day. Athenea is much better at taking people pictures than I am so I actually have a number of photos of both her and of me. Some of the photos are Athenea's and some are mine. One of the first places you can stop on the highway to admire the view is Lac des Arcs. The next stop was to go up the gondola in Banff to Sulphur Mountain. I forgot to pack my hat so I used the scarf from my all weather coat. It was windy at the top. There is a walk out to a solar ray station. Its 1 km. Down lots of steps. Across a flat area and then back up lots of steps. The building where the gondola arrives has a large compass on the top level with distance and pointers to different places. Athenea making a snowball tiny snow man found at the top he was showing off the view They hadn't cleared all the snow on the pat