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The last few years the handy man has been transplanting Irises along the bank of the parking lot. This spring, this is what it looks like in front of where I park: About 18 months ago, Mom & Dad gave me some irises for along my front fence. Last year one flower bloomed. This year, they are all going to bloom. Only two of the plants are not yellow. The yellow ones are just starting to open this morning.

Calgary Trip: View, Bow Valley, Lake Louise & Ice Fields

This trip I stayed at a hotel closer to the office and this was the view from my window: On Saturday I had a very fun day but it was almost 11:30 when I finally got back to my hotel room. I had a nice big breakfast from the buffet here before I left. I wasn't hungry again until dinner time. Along the way yesterday I saw lots of Elk, a black bear, some chipmunks, maybe a deer but she was shy and ran back into the bush when I slowed to peak at her and lots of birds including a raven. I went up to Lake Louise along the Bow Valley Parkway which is a very scenic route -- lots of places to stop. The alternate is via the Transcanada which is faster but not as many places to admire. Bow Valley Parkway actually has travel restrictions from 6pm to 9am at this time of year on the bottom 18 km to "protect wildlife at this critical time of year" It starts March 1 and goes almost till the end of June. The first long stop was at Johnston Canyon. There are three hikes here --