Beamer Falls Conservation Area

Beamer Falls Conservation Area
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The Bruce Trail is the Black dotted line in the map. I started in the parking lot by Quarry Road and followed the trail to where it crosses Forty Mile Creek (top Right) then turned around and went started back. On the way back I followed the dotted brown line which is a side trail to see the Beamer Falls. if you go to the conservation area in the spring, there is a Hawk Observation Tower. Hawks, Falcons, Turkey Vultures migrate past this area each spring and there are people in the Observation tower to count how many of each kind are migrating through the area. When I started to follow the trail to toward the quarry, I heard some rustling in the leaves beside the trail.  There were several little snakes scurrying around the area. 
Snake enjoying the sunshine
Near the second lookout area, I watched the turkey vultures soaring out over the thermals but, as usual, they stayed out of camera range. This guy flew into a tree near the lookout deck. I thought this was a woodpecker when I took his picture but looking at photos on the internet, I think he's really a sapsucker.  Take a look at his feet.  He has such long claws!
SapsuckerSapsucker detail
The trail descends down into Grimsby beside Forty Mile Creek
Forty Mile CreekForty Mile Creek Details
I went down to the street as that is where the Iroquoia section begins. On the way back up, I put my walking pole infront of the steps
Steps up.
This covered the first 2.1km of the Iroquoia Section


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