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Sorting out the leftovers

The good news is I found the missing blocks and fabric.  The bad news is the book doesn't appear to be in the box and I'm not sure what book I was using.  That will be a bit of a problem when I go to put the thing together someday. I had put all the left over fabric from O Tannenbaum and the Patchwork Sampler back into their respective cubby holes but left the scraps in the O Tannenbaum box to be sorted into colour families and put into the appropriate plastic shoe box of scraps.  Lots and lots of scraps to be sorted.  There were also a number of leftover, rejected blocks from the Patchwork sampler and the rejected set of star blocks from O Tannenbaum.  They'll go into the rejected blocks box.  Someday, I'll sort through that box and do something with it them -- or maybe just take the whole thing into guild and see if someone wants to make something.  I'll take a peak when I add these ones to see what might be a good plan.

2007 $10 Quilt -- Top Finished.

After taking off the border with a pleat in it, I hung the quilt up on the design wall and noticed it had wobbles so pulled all the borders off. It took a while to pull the borders off. I think one of my stitch rippers is past its prime. Then re-measured everything at put the borders back on. I hadn't measured well the first time so I had some weird things go on. No wonder there were pleats and woobles. Need to measure carefully. The top is done now and the binding is made. The top is now on the shelf with other quilts waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. The original pattern didn't have the third border on top and bottom (as shown in the top picture) but I didn't like that so add the top and bottom order border.  This is Patchwork Sampler by Lori Smith At Christmas club the other day we had a bit of a giggle when one of the ladies said she had misplaced a quilt in her house. I shouldn't have laughed. I think I've misplaced one too. One of my

O Tannenbaum

This years $10 quilt reveal at Cockadoodle Quilt Shop  was yesterday (Dec 15th) and this time my quilt was actually quilted and a lot of the embellishments added.  This means the count of finished $10 quilts is now three (OK it still needs a sleeve and label but those are ready to go). The pattern was O Tannenbaum by Hilary Gooding. The quilt as you go went reasonably well although I didn't read the instructions for the joining strip between the centre and borders and assumed I knew how to join them. Had to change the way I was going to join the borders and centre. It worked OK in the end. The corner stars were originally done as light stars since but when I put them up I didn't really like them in either position -- beige in or green in. They are too light in comparison to the rest of the quilt.  So printed out new paper templates and made darker stars which I like much better. A couple of trips to Micheal's for embellishments finally yielded the rig