May Long Weekend Hike

It poured on Saturday, so Dad and I went hiking on Sunday. We went out towards the end of the Iroquoia section and parked at the Calcium Pits (km 107.1) and hiked through the Crawford Forestry Tract to were the trail crosses Guelph Line (km 109.4). According to the maps, this is suppose to be a little flatter than continuing at the other end. (I hiked km 109.4 to 125.5 last fall -- those pictures are still to come). This week, Dad has his own pack and his (Mom's ?) walking stick.
Part of the trail is nice flat forestry roads and there are some ponds and streams. The dragonflies were all over this one.
Then the Bruce trail veered off the forestry road and head down. Dad paused on the way down to take a picture of some flowers. He was playing with the flash
We paused here to admire the water bugs. Volunteers build the bridges and walkways over marshy bits.
We saw several frogs
And some frogs in waiting. They are very shy and disappear before you know something is in the silt.  You just know that something moved.  But if you stay very still, they will resurface.


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    Helen Anne

    I goofed - the tree is called Red Bud


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