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Optimism outcome

I posted my todo list for the the weekend and am pleased with what I got accomplished.  Some of it was done this week but I made really good progress. I quilted Mom's version of the Patchwork Sampler the other weekend and spent a large part of Saturday watching recorded tv programs and stitching down the binding, label and sleeve.  Moms Version My Version  Same quilt pattern Dad has a quilt display rack with a fixed display rod. It works well for quilts that drape nicely but for some you lose part of the design doing that. I took the fall wall hanging mom made and add a sleeve with a zipper. I used a zipper that has been stored in the supplies for a long time. The sleeve has been made for a bit on on Saturday it also got added to its quilt. I'll find out in a week or so if it works the way I think it will. Mom had been quilting a lap quilt with two strands of embroidery floss. There wasn't a lot of quilting left to do -- just the borders. I ended u

International Quilt Day Optimism

So this morning as I looked at the things I set out for today, I decided I'd better make a list. Not much hope that it will all get done today or even this weekend but there should be some progress.

Quilt Retreat

On the weekend I went to the guild quilt retreat at Elmhurst Inn and Spa.  It was a really nice weekend.  The food was great (some issues but the staff dealt with them swiftly); the massage was wonderful after a long day of sewing; I got to know some members at little more; and I'm pleased with what I accomplished. On Friday, I worked on block number 3 of the Splendid Sampler   I had it cut out, marked and ready to piece.  When I first joined the guild, once a year there was an exchange of 6" piece of fabrics.  You brought in 12 sets of 12 and went home with a different 12 sets.  I've never done anything with the stack of fabrics I ended up with so decided that I'll use that for the sampler since the blocks will all be 6 inch blocks.  I wonder how much will get used. Block 3 Block 1 & 2 prepared earlier As leaders and enders I started stitching pairs of 6" blocks from an I Spy bag I took from the community outreach table at guild last mon