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Ontario Regiment Museum Visit

On Father's Day we went to visit the Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa, Ontario. It is a very interesting museum and well worth a visit. The regiment dates back to the early 1800's. Ontario refers to Ontario County which was part of Upper Canada prior to confederation. This sign explains the Regiment's history. The museum has the largest collection of operational historical military vehicles in Canada. We arrived at the museum just as a group of vehicles were returning from a parade in Oshawa. Rather than visiting the inside displays, we were taken through to the back so we could see the vehicles being put away. We explored the collection outside. Dad is a Bob so a photo with the tank Bobby seemed appropriate. Dad is watching more vehicles come into the compound. Karen is checking out the driver's seat in this vehicle. None of them are spacious and none looked comfortable. Inside, there are displays that trace the history of th

Quilt Canada Photos

The other weekend, Karen and I spent the day at Quilt Canada. We had planned a hike but sore foot prevented that. We had a wonderful time looking at the quilts. We met Dad for lunch at a cafe across the street for lunch before heading back to finish going through the show. I was spending the weekend at Karen's because Dad had come down for Father's day. Since I was still behind on the 365 challenge, I took my fabric with me and spent some of the evenings cutting out the blocks that I needed to catchup on. I'd been wondering if my cutting mat needed to be replaced. Cutting at Karens convinced that the answer was YES. Cutting required a great deal of effort and pressure. At Karen's it didnt feel like I was fight the mat. So one of my purchases at Quilt Canada was a new mat. What a treat to cut on! This past weekend I got a new blade for the big cutter and it now floats through fabric without any effort at all. Good tools are very helpful. At the Trendtex Cha

Almost caught up on 365 Challenge

I came downstairs to find lots of blocks had fallen down. I eventually took some pins to them and put them back up. Still need make sure each colour section is arranged well then I can start assembling this border. There are two light red blocks to finish -- they are on the ironing board waiting to be pressed, trimmed and assembled and then the last few yellow blocks and six yellow/green blocks to finish this light border. I've been counting blocks in the photos and think I now have a plan for how to proceed with the final two rounds and the four corner blocks. So far so good :)

Catching up

So far I've been keeping up with the 365 Challenge. I was away on vacation for 12 days and had a plan for that time but it did work. Some of those blocks did get done but there were still a bunch left. I spent the weekend at my sisters and decided I'd spend a bit of time getting everything cut and marked. Last night the blocks for this week were done and I got most of one of the backlog done. Missed cutting one piece. The baggies are the backlog waiting to be stitched. I want to get these done soon so I can start putting that light border together. Should only be two more weeks until we have them all