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PSE9: The Journey Begins lesson 3

Rose with carved effect. One of the squirrels that lives in the complex was playing on my bbq, hose and in the garden near the end of Christmas. This picture is snapped very quickly through the window. I was trying not to move very much as the squirrels are jumpy. The correction is the Auto Smartfix. I tried a number of corrections and the smartfix seemed to do a reasonably good job. The cage and life ring were floating at the edge of the Thames. I wanted to get remove the people in the bottom right but keep the pier as well as remove the little thing under the pier in the top right. The cage and ring were protected so that they didn't get smaller. I did go back and play with the OOB edit. WOW. That is so much easier. This is my sister during our walk at Hadrians Wall last fall.

PSE9: The Journey Begins. Lesson 2

This is the provided photo with the Sepia action applied. This photo is from a conservation area display. They had a long house setup. I used the Lighten and Darken guided edit to retrieve a bit of the details -- mostly in the log in the background.