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Random Pictures from December

The general consensus was that it should be longer. But it was made to be a seasonal wallhanging for the top of my stairs. If it was longer, it would be too long. Mom Testing out new quilt Dad approving the new quilt Winter Sunset Karen's walk after a snow storm The pigeons look very cold Front of my unit -- just a bit of drifting A garbage can is under here -- do you see a teddy bear face in this mound of snow. Karen showing off the snow bank in the parking lot Walking on a cold afternoon The creek near home Still a bit of open water Christmas Day Dinner

Spice of Kashmere Quilt

In Dec 1998 McCalls Quilting magazine published this pattern. I think I made the top the following year. It got sandwiched a while ago and finally quilted this week. To quilt the geese in the border, I taped this gadget (from my walking foot) to the back of the machine and used it as a guide to trace the geese. It worked well.

First Storm for 2008/9

We had some snow the other night but not much. This is what the bush outside the living room window looked like last night. It started snowing about 7:30 am this morning and snowed all day. By 4:30 this afternoon, we had to give the storm door a little push to open it We kept the door open long enough to get a couple of pictures After dinner, Dad and Karen cleared the walkway My shovel was waiting outside for someone to come get it The bush now looks like this Lots more snow is due on Sunday.

Christmas Dinner 2008

The last few years we've had our Christmas turkey dinner the week before Christmas. We'd planned to have it yesterday and go shopping today but a snow storm (with 15-20 cm of snow) was forecast for today so we went shopping yesterday and had our turkey today. After breakfast, Mom and Karen worked on the dressing. Mom and Dad bought this gadget the other day for the turkey After Karen finished stuffing the bird We twisted this in the opening to hold it closed over the stuffing Popped him in the oven and basted frequently Once the turkey was done, we worked on the veggies -- potatoes, turnips, brussel sprouts, creamed onions and the gravy. Dad twisted the new gadget out of the bird (it came out easily) And carved the bird a different way -- took of one whole side and cut it separately. Seemed to work well Then it was time to sit down and enjoy

Karen's Fall Wallhanging

About 2004 one of the $10 quilts was a fall wallhanging. Karen's has been sitting on a shelf here for 3 years waiting to be quilted. Dad cut a hole in my sewing table and made a shelf for the machine so that the bed of the sewing machine is level with the machine. Karen's quilt got quilted as a test run. Sure works well. She has since put sewn down the binding and put on the embellishments. Just needs a label and a hanging sleeve. I have a few sleeves to make so we'll get one setup for this quilt as well.