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2019 goals review and 2020 Goals

Yvonne is hosting a planning party again. Before I look at next year I want to look at this year.   Quilting: 1.  Clean and organize quilt room (and office since they are in the same area).  Its gotten so messy, I've no desire to go down there and work on my quilting or anything else for that matter.  This is a recurring theme.  I got part of it tidy up but if you looked today it would be hard to tell. 2.  I'm going to continue with the Motivation Monday ideas.  I'm still working on the list I created for 2017.  The goal at the time was to move things forward.  I think that will still be the goal for some things as they are quite large.  The list still includes Canada BOM from Guild 2015/16 no change.   Stainglass Manger - Quilt and bind. Started quilting ABC Applique. Centre done and ready for borders.  Need to look for an appropriate fabric.  One Block Wonder - Quilt and bind done Common Bride top completed and waiting for a quilting decision  Love Entwin

Christmas a-z ready for borders

My December goal was to finish the embroidery for my quilt.  I finished the last 10 blocks and outlined the dove.  The lettering for the 4 blocks was also done and the blocks trimmed and assembled.  I auditioned some fabric for the borders but didn't like any of my choices. At some point in the new year, I'll go shopping with the top and find a proper border.  It will need to wait awhile as I slipped on an icy sidewalk and broke my right wrist.  That's going to slow things down for a bit. Linking up with Patty's OMG   I'll wish everyone a happy and healthy 2020 and be back with a future monthly goal as soon as I can.  I hope to only miss January but time will tell.

Abstracting from Nature with Jane Sassaman

I had the pleasure of taking Jane Sassaman's Abstracting from Nature workshop at the Hudson River Valley Art workshops this past week with 12 other ladies.  The weather man welcomed us to Greenville with a snow storm that began at noon on Sunday just as I parked my car in the Inn parking lot.  By Tuesday morning about 30 cms of snow had fallen and my car was buried This lump is my car.  By lunch time, the snow removal man had it cleared off and the area around it shoveled. The week started with us picking a flower and looking at its parts and sketching.  From there we did a number of exercises to abstract the shapes and come up with possible design elements.  On Tuesday we started to make shapes for our designs And on Wednesday we started to figure out how to put the different pieces together.  It took all day and some significant help from Jane to get to this.  There were a lot of pictures taken along the way and my 5 flowers became 13.  In this one the

December Goal: Christmas a-z

This month the goal is to finish the embroidery on the remaining blocks of the Christmas quilt. Some blocks need very little — just a couple of French knots for eyes and some need a lot. O gets a long ever green branch to hang the ornament from. Linking up with Patty's OMG for De cember