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Another ready for quilting

Nana's Farm by Patchwork Pumpkin was the 2009 $10 quilt and has been in a bag waiting for borders for 4 years. Finally got borders added and a binding prepared. Another one ready for Saturday's $10 Quilt Reunion. The other day I also got the other three rows added to the guild BOM and attached part 3 to the first two parts. That's ready for next week I have centres traced to add to the trilliums on Moms quilt and one of her quilts wants borders. I'm not sure everything will be done by Saturday. It looks like I have 24 waiting to be quilted.  I knew there were lots waiting (the shelf is kind of full) but I didn't know there were THAT many.

Finished a top

I spent most of Saturday work on  Road to Llano. The top wasn't wrong sizes it was just in need of a really good pressing.  Whew.  While cutting out the borders in the afternoon, I also got the binding made.  Feels nice to have a top to add to the to be quilted pile.  Sure takes a lot longer when you have to do your pressing :) I prepared a few extra half square triangles as part of stitching the top together. In the afternoon, I took a short break and went for a walk.  It was sunny when I was getting ready to go out.  Before I was half way through there was little snow flurries. There were lots of ducks on the creek and several black and gray squirrels.  Then this handsome fellow.  He left a few moments later.  Guess there were no good pickings in that area.

Back to some quilting

Yesterday I took a vacation day and went to Elaine's sit and sew.  Its wonderful to have someone do the pressing for you.  Thanks Elaine!  I took the guild block of the month which she designed and stitched together 100 2.5 inch squares.  It should have been 130 but I didn't have enough variety of half square triangles so I left the last three rows off.  I'll make more squares and add the rows. I also got most of the pieced border for Road to Llano stitched together.  I though I had all but 4 blocks with me but I seemed to be missing some so I'll have to re-count.  There are spare pieces on the sewing table if I need to make a few more.  The 3.5 in squares were made so Elaine "only" need to press joining the blocks. I thought that would be enough to keep me busy from 9:30 - 4pm but with someone pressing I did much better.  It was a good thing I threw the centre of Road to Llano into the bag just in case cause I did get started at sewing it together

Distracted Quilter

Over the last month I was suppose to thread paint a quilt top for the Christmas club group and add some borders to $10 quilts for a reunion at the end of November. I also wanted to finish a quilt top in time for the November guild meeting the first Thursday of month. Instead, no thread painting, no borders and the top is still in pieces on the design wall although I did manage to stitch some of the border blocks on Sunday. the love entwined centre is still paused half way through step 2 waiting for me to prepare more appliqué shapes. I've spent the last month and a half distracted by a knitting project. It's a shawl called Art Deco by Nadita Swing. The pattern is from Raverly. Since this photo was taken last week I've completed two more repeats and started a 3rd. I did think about leaving the knitting bag at my sisters on Saturday but figured it would just mean an extra trip across the city this week which doesn't fit into the schedule.