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Quilting Goals -- January Accomplishments and February Goals

Judy Laquidara at Patchworktimes has a project for 2013 that is GETTING IT DONE .  Each month you list 3 or 4 things you want to accomplish for the month that are quilt related.  It isn't necessarily to finish the quilt but could be to move the project along.  Of my January Goals 1. The challenge quilt didn't progress. I've been stumped for an idea of what to make although I think I finally have an executable idea as of the 31st. NOthing like waiting til the last minute. 2. Prepare the 5 blocks from the Christmas A-Z quilt that I have traced so that I have a pocket project. These did get prepared and 4 of the blocks were had the applique finished by the end of the month. The 5th block had the letter and half the bow completed by the end of the month. 3. Finish Cabin in the Woods. Its not finished but I did finally figure out the cirtters and get them appliqued onto the quilt. Its unusual to see an eagle here so I used a hawk instead and replace the canoe,