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Mid Year Check-in

In December, I wrote about some goals for this year in this post . I wrote about some progress in February here . Yvonne at Quilting JetGirl, who organized the 2016 Planning Party, has a mid year check-in which was a reminder to write a new post. Quilting: 1. Finishing Quilts. In March, I quilted Mom's Patchwork Sampler quilt then went back in April and quilted the black, white, red and grey quilt and a photo transfer quilt. The Patchwork sampler quilt is the from the same class with Elaine that mine quilted in January was from. The Black, White, Red and Grey was a mystery quilt Chip of the old block. I'm still stitching the binding down on this one. The photo transfer quilt was a top I'd done years ago at the old Streetsville store about 1996. This was a small quilt but I wanted to play with some free motion quilting on the long arm. I've now completed finished 3 of my quilts, almost finished a fourth one and finished two of Mom's. The second one o

Iroquois - Calcium Pit to Bell School Line Parking Lot

On Saturday Karen and I went for our first hike this year.  I had done a short hike in the spring out at Silvercreek but not much walking this year.  We were originally going to just go as far as Rattlesnake Point which was about 10.5km but decided to go to the Bell School parking lot instead which was about 13.5km according to the maps.  The map distances don't seem to take into account the extra distance the ups and downs add and this section had a very steep down and then back up the other side of the escarpment near Crawford Lake.  I knew it was there and had done the steep bit a few years ago.  By the end of the day, my fitbit was claiming closer to 20km.  My legs still haven't forgiven me although they are somewhat happier two days later.  The morning started out with a short climb up some rocks where Karen posed for me.  About 2 km into the hike, we came across a small section of what would normally be a crossing over a wet area and decided it made a good bench.

A Photo Scavenger Hunt Part 1

Earlier this month Melissa of Daily Life posted some of the photos she had taken for a scavenger hunt hosted by Rinda .  I'd seen Melissa's scavenger hunt photos last year but forgotten about it.  Since we are early in the summer, I thought I'd start working through the list myself.  I was originally going to use some photos taken since June 1st when the list was published but decided that for the moment I'd use photos I've taken since I saw the list.  I may go back and change that later in the summer if I'm missing pictures that I did take in that time period. 1. A "wild heart" - a naturally occurring heart. This is the knot hole shadow cast by the fence on the sidewalk into the complex I live in. 2. A footprint or paw print. The zoo uses painted paw prints on the pathways to indicate different pathways through the zoo. If you follow the large blue foot prints you get an overview of the zoo. This photo generated a conversation with two o

Photography Class

This year I signed up to take Ricky Tims photography class .  Last year it was run as a year long class.  This year, the initial commitment was 26 weeks.  I've enjoyed the last 26 weeks and have signed up for the second session of 13 weeks.  I missed submitting photos for 3 weeks -- Street Photography, Zooming and the first do-over.  I couldn't get the zooming to work that week.  I had done it before with Christmas lights but I wasn't satisfied with any of my attempts and I didn't spend enough time trying.  The other two weeks I just never got around to taking photos that week. Overall I'm pleased with the collection, in particular the Golden Hour, Loved Ones and Celebration photos.  My goal for this class was to keep up.  On the whole, I'm pleased.  I still plan to go out and try that street photography assignment.  The zoom photo worked when I tried a zoom during the stuck in place assignment.  Selective Focus Line Windows Tack Sharp One Sh